Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1)  Changing my weekly goals - sweat everyday but THURSDAY.  That's because M & I are off to see Barenaked Ladies at Marymoor Park tonight.  Sweeeeeet!  (We're huge BNL fans.)

2)  I had Greek Yogurt w/ Honey for the first time today.  The first couple of bites were so grainy, but then I got over it.  Thinking this will be a great snack for when I need 100+ calories with lunch or protein boost.

3)  I'm returning the Nathan Angled Water Pack-thing.  I thought about how often I run without my iPod (50-60% of the time), and just couldn't deal with the sloshing.  Stopping by REI on our way out to Marymoor tonight to test the Nathan Speed 2-Bottle Waistpack-thing and pick up some Mandarin Orange Chomps.  MMMM.

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