Monday, August 23, 2010

Guess who isn't running You Go Girl?

That would be me.  My ankle refused to stop swelling all last week.  Throw in crazy pain this weekend (including pain last night that felt JUST like my wrist did when I broke it in three places...) and I was off to the doctor this am.

Grade two sprain.  Avulsion fracture - which is where instead of your ligaments detaching from the bone, they just bring a chunk of bone with them to the party.  Too small for surgery. 

Walking boot or crutches for two weeks.  Then two weeks of aircast.  No 'normal' walking - let alone running for at least 4 weeks.

I'm really really upset at this situation.  It was my damn fault for not seeing the golf ball, and am now unable to participate in the even that pushed me all summer.  By the end of last week, I knew it wasn't getting better, and let myself give up.  BLAH.


  1. Oh, that is such a big bummer! I'm so sorry Chelsea. :(

  2. OH my gosh!!! I am so sorry! I hope it heals fast for you!

  3. I am sooo sad Buddy!!! I hope that you can still come and enjoy the festivities... URGH!