Friday, October 8, 2010

Fly-by Friday Update

This week has been insane.  Tuesday I worked from home due to my hacking and snorfing cold - and check out my schedule.  Worked from 5:30-7:45am (couldn't sleep).  Slept from 7:50-9:30am.  Worked from 9:30-6:30.  Took a 45 minute break for a shower and food, then worked again from 7:15-10:15pm.  INSANE.  That's how the entire week has been.

I'm pushing myself too hard with the cold, but there's literally that much stuff to get done before we leave for a week of business meetings in NYC.  Data to find, format, present, clothes to pack, pants to pick up from Nordstrom, house to clean, food to eat, etc.   I'm a wee bit overwhelmed.

The good news is that I don't like to eat while I am sick, so I have lost a few lbs this week. :)  I still owe the blog SOWL 'after' pictures.  WHOOPS.

So, yes.  Next week will be NYC, which means lots of walking, lots of wine, and good food.  I get back Friday night, and will sleep in Saturday, go to the UW game Saturday night, then sleep more on Sunday.  Or so I hope.

I'm cleared to run week after next...plan on following in Kerrie's footsteps and doing walk/run combos.  IM SO EXCITED!


  1. So envious of your trip to NYC! LOVE that place. Enjoy all the good food & wine & sights - hopefully it won't be ALL work?
    Glad you are getting back to running soon. Get better!

  2. I love the run/walk method! I think you will really enjoy it too! Enjoy NYC!! Take some great pics for us!