Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm too scatterbrained to write actual paragraphs today.  A list it is!

1)  I was going to run today at lunch, but when I got out of bed at 7:30 and my thighs were STILL shaking from training last night, I ex-nayed that.  Rest day today!

2)  Tomorrow night is going to be tough.  A co-worker and I have become exremely close over the last 8 months, and she is now moving back home to Canada.  It's been a rouch two weeks since she told me, and we're having our good-bye dinner, wine drinking, and bad tv watching party tomorrow night.  :(

3)  I plan to run tomorrow & Friday at lunch.  This sets me up for a long (for me) run on Saturday or Sunday.  Or a couple of videos, depending on how my legs feel. 

4)  On a whim, I bought a pair of Nike Pro tights as a Christmas present for myself.  They're a purple-grape color and I LOVE THEM.  They make me feel sassy.  Am I brave enough to wear them for a lunchtime run (and thus open myself to boss seeing me in purple tights)?  No. 

5)  On Sunday, (admittedly after beer & wine during the weekend), I weighed 193.4.  This morning?  189.  O_o  Probably just water weight, but wtf. 

6)  I've been using SparkPeople to count calories for the last few weeks.  I still miss 'Lose It!' on the iPhone, but it's a satisfactory replacement.  I like that I can update it on the computer - makes it much easier.  A snapshot of yesterday:

7)  As a warmup for my training session last night, I invented a new route that covers all of my favorite areas - businesses, Burke Gilman trail w/ Lights, Ballard Locks, and a hill.  Wooo!

8)  Dear Daily Mile.  1.85 + 1.5 + 1.1 = 4+, not 3.  :P

What are you guys up to for the rest of the week?  Are you unable to score a treadmill at the gym because of all the Resolutioners?  I noticed my normal trail was PACKED (well, packed for it in the dark & 40 degrees out) last night!


  1. Now that SparkPeople thingy looks it just like a food diary???

  2. Hey I use lose it on my iphone! What happened to yours? I love lose it. :) I have been sick so I haven't been able to get out to my regular trails to see if a lot of people are out. I love new routes!! That is the best part about running around outside - it is so flex.