Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We interrupt the running content of this blog... bring you knitting content.

I finally finished the Holden Shawlette.  I had extra yarn, so I added an extra lace repeat - making it more of a shawl than shawlette!

When knitting lace, you have to 'block' the knitting before you're done with it.  Wool (and other natural fibers) will hold their shape when you give them a lukewarm bath & pin them out.

Lots of pics after the jump!

Before blocking:

During Blocking:


Overall, I'm relatively proud of this knit.  I modified the ssk to k2tbl, which left that god-awful gap between the lace repeats - need to not do that anymore!  The color of the yarn - madelinetosh 'sock' - achieved the 'wave' like coloring for the lace repeats that I had hoped.


  1. STUNNING!!!! YOU are a knitting goddess! Those blues are so nice & rich. I want to touch it. When can we meet so I can feel you?! :)