Thursday, April 8, 2010

it's fun to love a book again.

I had the chance today to attend a book signing for a book I was actually, legitimately excited about.  I also happen to work with the book’s publisher, but loved the book before I even really began working with the account.

The signing was small, and everyone but me + one other knew the author.  This actually made it more fun – everyone was so relaxed and it was like a conversation for 1/2 hour instead of of a normal book reading + signing.

I realized in the audience was Mel, from Tall Mom On the Run.  Enter wordvomit.  (not as bad as other occasions, but ehh)  Mel is every bit as lovely and funny in person as one would expect after reading her blog.  (

At some point in the future:

  • stop with the word vomit when nervous
  • OWN my running and my speed.
  • Stop making fun of myself or being sarcastic about my running.  I’ve made it this far!

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