Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wondering if they will ever figure out working while asleep.

1)  Running

  • Now up to 15 + mins without stopping!  3 miles around Greenlake now hard – but not impossible
  • My knee has been bugging me a bit, lame.
  • Joined a gym after running on mom’s treadmill over Easter weekend.  I like the mental ease of the treadmill  (plus the tv watching!!), and the steady pace.  One thing I noticed when logging my runs on Nike + was my inconsistent pace – and it’s definitely something I want to get better at.  After researching online, I am running at a 1.0 incline, to better mimic the stress of running outside/pushing yourself forward.

2)  Exercise

  • Have slowed down on the 30 Day Shred
  • Want to start on an arms routine I can do while watching American Idol etc& after run.

3)  Food!

  • Hitting my calorie goals (thanks Lose It! app), save for Sunday’s Easter Brunch.  It was the only thing I ate all day though – so ehh.
  • Now completely OFF OF SODA.  WHO AM I!?
  • Next diet goal will be to reduce sodium intake.

4) Other

  • Setting weekly goals for one thing I want to focus on for the week.  I then continue that focus for the upcoming weeks – but since I will have a new goal at the forefront, it makes it less obvious I am missing the thing that is gone / how hard it is to make habits.
  • Goals achieved thus far:

No more soda!

Hitting calorie goals (not above or below)

Eating 1 serving of fresh fruit daily

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