Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the 5pm realization: oh (*&#$ i have to run tonight

It’s 5:22pm, and I am sitting at my desk at work.  Waiting for a file to finish uploading or whatever t’s doing.  While it’s a relief to know I’m busting out of this little box office in a short while, a little nagging voice says ‘If you stay late enough, you don’t have to run!’.

Well, that’s no fun.  I’ve spent 6 weeks now trying to ignore that little voice.  Why is it back with such a vengance at such a critical part of my day?  Oh right, it’s the hardest point of my day.  The point of the day where I used to drive home like a maniac, only to trade my jeans for sweats and plop in front of the TV.  The point of the day where I made the conscious decision to sit on the couch instead of doing something worthy with 5+ hours of my day.  Every day.

Sigh.  The little voice is getting smaller.  But it’s still there.

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