Monday, March 29, 2010

retraining how to eat (or, STFU brain)

One of the hardest things to adjust to with new Healthy Lifestyle is how I feel after eating a true healthy meal. My previous eating habits left me feeling heavy & lethargic after finishing a meal – and I came to define that feeling as ‘full’.

It’s been really hard to tell my mind to STFU when I’ve eaten a good meal – and feel light(er). Or don’t feel the immediate need to find my yoga pants. I used to worry about going out to eat – because I would want to come home immediately after and find my yoga pants/get out of jeans. I knew I would be uncomfortable in my jeans, and would be uncomfortable to the point where it could ruin my mood. That sucks.

I’m now trying to eat lots of little things, in an attempt to help ease my mind into thinking I’ve eaten much more (Quantity + caloriewise) than I actually have. So far? It’s working okay. That plus focusing on eating slower (and flat out focusing on the food when I am eating, instead of the TV, etc.) is helping me to realize when I am actually hungry – and when I am full. It’s amazing how little food that is when I listen to my body!

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