Monday, June 14, 2010


One thing I have always had trouble with when exercising is getting burnt out.  Echh, you know, the dread, but knowing you SHOULD go do xxxxx but echhh maybe tomorrow. 

I'm trying to try out many types of exercise this time around - both for variety and to explore if there's something out there I actually enjoy & would do if given the choice.  I've heard about CrossFit for a while now, and was intrigued by how HARD the workouts are, without needing complex machines, etc.  I had the chance to do a free introductory session at the Greenlake CrossFit last Friday - and oh my GOD. 

The good:  Tough, sweated a ton, pushed myself physically & mentally, enjoyed the simple exercises/straightforward direction.

The bad:  I couldn't walk for two days.

I started to feel the workout Friday afternoon at work (I took the class at 11am), and the thought of 'Oh this is NOT good' crossed my mind more than once.  I shook it off, and kept hobbling around the office.

Saturday I woke myself up trying to roll over in bed...and couldn't.  My arms wouldn't hold up my upper body, my abs wouldn't even roll my torso over - and let's not discuss the mess that my legs were.  I finally flopped out of bed - and was promptly faced with how to sit down in the bathroom.   This was my ENITRE weekend.  I kept forgetting I couldn't hold up my body weight, and half-falling down.  Or, my quads would randomly seize up while I was walking, giving me the look of someone trying to walk without using their knees.

I'm torn on whether to go back or not - the workout was great and it really pushed me - but I can't not walk for a few days.  I know it will just get better from here - but how quickly can things get better?



  1. I think the problem I have is I go all out right away... when actually I should let my body get used to the crazy workout. So go again but recognize that you might need to not push as hard until you get back in to the swing of things

  2. I had practically the identical experience after my first Crossfit workout, could not walk or run properly (had to cancel a 5K) for days! However having done about 8 sessions now my advice would be to definitely try it again. Just take it a bit easier and work with your instructor to avoid/minimize any problem areas such as tight calves or whatever ails you.