Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 Miles.

For some reason, the '5-miler' distance is stuck in my head as designating a Real Runner.  You can mention it off hand 'Oh, I just did 5 quick miles'.  You can say you did an 8K.  You're almost to a 10K. 

Last night, I did my first 5-miler.

It wasn't pretty.  I had a touch of food poisoning (or some other bug) that had me super feverish and headachey at work.  I came home and passed out for an hour, then crawled off the couch and into bed with a small salad for dinner.  After a few hours of sulking and waiting for the ibprofin to kick in, I got into my running gear and got to the garage for some quality time with Mr. Treadmill.  (I was feeling 100x better, or I would have just continued sleeping. :) )

My goal at first was to go until I didn't think I could go further - but as I got going, I felt better and better.  I walked a bit of each mile (stuck to .2m walk / .8m run until the 5th mile).  I got bored in miles 3 & 4 and cranked up the incline.  Wooo boy.

All of a sudden, I was through mile 4.5.  Whoa!  I sprinted to the end of mile 5.  I stumbled upstairs and got into a cold shower, high-fiving M from behind the shower curtain.  (We celebrate 'moments' with high-fives.  We're an odd couple.)

So, yeah.  Five done.  Six miles for the week already.  I'm a bit sore today - but mainly just stiff.  Have 1 mile warmup before personal training tonight - where I plan to kick some major ass.

(Oh, and at lunch?  I'm running to Nordstrom to have a dress TAKEN IN.  Whaaaaaat!)


  1. Oh yay!! Dresses taken in = awesomeness!!! Good for you!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sympathizing in adult braces misery with me. ;)

    Can't wait to read more here!

  2. 5 MILES! That rocks. I am still trying to get to the "running a 5k without stopping" point! I always have to walk some. But I guess it is the small things for beginners!


  3. That is so awesome!! As I sit here right now, I can remember where I was when I ran my first 5 mile run. Enjoy it.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congrats on the 5 mile! This is the first year I started doing 5 miles + and I love it! The longer distance the better. When I just did max of 3 miles it was more like just a workout I had to push through, now I actually love running! Now if I could only run faster...