Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I used to run, but it was hard.

People are finally starting to remark on my weight loss - friends, co-workers, etc.  They ask how I'm doing it (diet, exercise), and ask if I'm following some sort of crazy fad diet.  (no, restricting caloric intake)

More often than not, people provide commentary on their exercise habits or diet issues - usually it's some sort of comment on how hard running is or how they always spoil their diet.

How am I supposed to reply to that?

Running is HARD.  It SUCKS for the first ten minutes.  It's high impact, drives my heartbeat sky high, and makes me sweat like crazy.   But it burns the calories, gives me time alone, and isn't a dreaded side squat.

Restricing calories is a continuous battle.  I want to eat that frosted cinnamon roll that has been sitting outside of my cube since I got here at 9am, but I've resisted thus far.  But for every easy decision I made to indulge myself, I have to make a hard one now.  (Yes, eating better, more nutritious has been great for my energy levels, skin, and hair.  But cream cheese frosting > plums in my book.  Forever.)

But I do it.  I do it, I monitor what's going in my food-hole, and I lose the weight.

If losing weight were easy, 69% of adults would not be overweight/obese.

I'm getting to the point where I want to bear-hug anyone who just says 'OMG GOOD JOB!'.


  1. Great post! I read an article recently that summed up weight loss very well: "it's a calories in, calories out thing." So true.

  2. OMG, Good Job!!
    Losing weight is totally hard and you are doing it! What a confidence builder for all the other hard decisions you'll make in your life - you know how to take the healthier (tougher) option and you should be very proud of yourself.

  3. It is fun when people notice a change! Good job! People always say things to me like, "I could never run like you do; I just don't like it." What people don't understand is, although I love running most days, even seasoned runners like myself have days when it is hard to find the motivation to lace up the Mizunos. I think getting started is sometimes the hardest part!