Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Review : Nathan Angled Holder Waist Pack

I've been running with my Nathan handheld since late May - I like being able to take my keys and water with me. (I drink A LOT when I exercise)

M has been upset that I haven't been taking my cell phone as my routes gets longer. With that in mind, plus with summer officially here, I purchased the Nathan Triangle Angled Holster Waist Pack. I took it out on my 4 mile run on Sunday.

The sun was hot, I was wearing my Running Skirt for the first time - I was ALL SORTS of decked out!

I really enjoyed not carrying the water. I had my iPod on for the first 3 miles of the run, and didn't realize how LOUD the sloshing is from the water bottle! I anticipated some bouncing - and found the bouncing was about what I had expected. The belt stayed relatively low on my waist (I had it pretty snug). I did LOVE how easy it was to extract / replace the water bottle while I was running. I could also get to my iPod and phone relatively easily while running.

I ended up drinking all 18 oz of fluid during my run and re-filled with a 1/2 mile to go (needed a walk break anyways!)

Will I use it on every run? No. Will I use it when I have a longer run in heat? Yes. I think I'm also going to pick up one of the waistpacks with the two little flasks to see if it's that different.

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