Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SOWL Week One

The week started off bright and sunny – TOO bright and sunny, with temps in the mid 90s. Ruh Roh. The minute the temperature goes over 83, my body swells up like CRAZY. Add in the woman issues, and well, I was at 204 during one point last week.

Post 4-mile sweaty, stinky run on Sunday, I was 197.

You do the math.

After re-hydrating yesterday, I’m at an even 199. That’s one pound of weight loss!

This week’s goals:
Mental: Stay POSITIVE! Eating right + sweating = weight loss. Don’t bungle it up by being frustrated.

Diet: No sugar. Yep. No cookies, cakes, sweets, or even aspartame. Had a killer headache yesterday, but feeling SO MUCH better today.

Exercise: Sweat once a day. Except for Friday.

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