Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer of Weight Loss

OK, Commitment here we go!  I've decided to participate in Mom Vs. Marathon's Summer of Weight Loss.  I've been rather flat for the last four + weeks, and need SOME sort of accountability to keep me going through Summer.

My goal?  To lose 15 lbs (down to 185) and some inches on my waist.  I've already lost 25 lbs - I unfortunately didn't track inches when I first started.  I have lost nearly two pants sizes, one shirt size (XL to L) and 2 cup sizes in my ladyparts.

BEFORE Measurements:

Bust: 41.25
Chest: 34.25
Waist: 38
Hips: 44
Midway: 38.5 (largest area between your hips and waist)
Thighs: 55.25 
Knees: 35
Left calf: 17.5
Right calf: 17.35
Right upper arm: 15.25
Left upper arm: 15.5

For reasons unbeknown to me, I decided to take the pictures in yoga shorts & a sports bra.  What the.

Oh Good, my eyes are closed.

Here we gooooooo!


  1. Way to Go! It's gonna be great!

  2. Glad to have another person join in the fun! Yeah, that's it. Fun. LOL!