Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1)  I just found out a very good friend - who is currently FIFTEEN DAYS past her due date - is finally in labor!

2) I reaaaaaally need to stretch after long runs and personal training.  I'm a sore, crampy mess today.  Where's my Nalgene?

3)  Tonight we have another outdoor concert - this one with Great Big Sea at the Woodland Park Zoo.  We just found out they WILL be on our Ships & Dip cruise next February, along with BNL & Guster.  It's pretty much me & M's music trifecta.  I told him it's going to be the best week of our lives.  (That, and I will have FOR SURE hit final weight goal and HELLO BIKINI FOR FIRST TIME EVER)

(Can you tell I am SUPER excited and SQUEEEE-EY today?  God.  Sometimes life can be pretty darn sweet.)


  1. Oh your poor friend! I went 15 days over my due date with my daughter and it was horrible! Glad she is finally in labor. Hopefully it will go easy for her!

    I am the worst about stretching. I stretch but not as much as I know I should or like I need to.

    Have a great time at the concert!

  2. Like Kimert, I am really bad a t stretching too. Good luck getting to the goal weight and rocking a bikini

  3. I'm bad at stretching but now that I'm in PT it's so nice to have someone to do it for me haha. But it's so helpful, so try to make time for it.