Friday, July 30, 2010

Good V. Bad

I saw a comment Mel from Tall Mom left out in the internets this week, about how she chooses to focus on the GOOD of the previous week instead of the BAD.

This got me thinking during random insomnia two nights ago  -  why do I instead choose to focus on the bad (i.e. listing my slip ups a few days ago?)  I finally came to the decision that I learn by doing.  That I need to know that a cookie really isn't going to cure everything.  And that I will feel like crap after a giant hamburger + fries.

I used to get super down on myself if I slipped up and wrote everything out before.  But now, I'm able to take that list for what it is - not being perfect - and flip it around.  How can I improve on this?  How did I feel leading up to it - and was it worth it after?   I challenge myself to find ways to deal with tough or sad situations without eating.

It's helped a TON in the last 5 months, and one thing I am really proud of that I've changed this far.

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  1. AMEN sister!! I was not always this way, as a college athlete I constantly beat myself up. Now taht sports are on my terms I find that I am much happier when I think about the GOOD. Hugs!! FYI finally hit follow so I can keep up with you...