Sunday, August 1, 2010

My weekend, in numbers

12 - Miles this week - my first double-digit week

4 - Miles I ran during Saturday's 5 miler

5 - Hours spent in the sun at the US Senior Open Championship on Saturday

89 -  Dollars spent at Whole Foods after dashing in 'to just get something for lunch' after the golf tournament.  Oops.

1 - Mini cheesecakes enjoyed at my favorite restaurant in Seattle

0 - Amount of guilt over said cheesecake. :)  It was AMAZING.

What a great weekend!  Today was spent lazing about - my last lazy day for two weeks.  Friday I'm off to CA for a wedding, then leaving from there to Tennessee for a 5 day stay.  I wonder if they have a Trader Joe's in Nashville?  Eeep.


  1. Sounds like a good weekend!! Enjoy your trip to TN! Nashville is awesome, but I have no idea about a Trader Joe's. I know we don't have them on this side of TN.

  2. @kimert - I found one! It's two blocks away from a Whole Foods. :) I can EAT! Hhahaha. says 96/thunderstorms most of next week. Can we talk about how EXCITED I am for a real thunderstorm? Woooo!

  3. Awesome about your double digit mileage! I am still hoping to get there! And cool about the 4 mile run.