Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SOWL Week 4

Current Weight: 193
LW Weight: 194
LW Loss: -1
Total Loss: -7

This is the first time I've lost weight in the week leading up to 'that week'.  Woot! 

Overall, a great week.  I opted for good snacking choices (hellooooo cherries!), enjoyed my FAVORITE dinner at my FAVORITE restaurant - but stayed with a half portion so I wouldn't overeat. 

M, being the lovely man he is, bought a Skinny Cow Ice Cream cup for me to enjoy with him on Sunday night.  I was initially going to resist, but he put on those puppy dog eyes and ... I was toast.  Interestingly enough - it didn't taste good.  It seemed super chemically, the strawberry seemed metallic... I guess I am spoiled by the Real Food that has been going on here lately.  (Although, if a Choco Taco were to appear in front of my face right now...)

Now, on to vacation.  I won't be posting next week for Week 5 of SOWL.  My goal is to not gain/lose while on vacation.  We're going to be doing a TON of walking.  It's also going to be super hot - which means I won't be hungry.  Hopefully, a plan for success. 

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