Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1)  This week has been full of stress.  Frantic packing, frantic tasks at work... I'll be glad when that plane lifts off tomorrow morning. :)

2)  I'll be mostly radio silent next week.  Might sneak in a photo post or two from my phone.  I'm really really looking forward to disconnecting for a while.  I work for a rather well known website, and being online all day is overwhelming sometimes.

3)  It's almost football season!  Once we get back from vacation I get to hit up the bookstore and buy new UW gear.  Bow down to Washington!  (First home game is September 11th.  I'm going to be a MESS when they do the National Anthem)


  1. Almost football season?? Haha In my world football season never ends! ;) But so goes life as a football coaches wife!! Have a great season!

  2. Have a great trip!!

    I really do not like feeling frantic, but I can rarely avoid it at my work... which is for a well know company as well. hey is your company hiring? LOL!!

  3. My office has a bag of vintage UW buttons. I am so going to flair the eff out.