Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  I'm home!  I've never been so happy to see my car & couch.

2.  Aunt & I did well on vacation.  We got supplies for breakfast & lunches all days at Whole Foods, and ate out wisely.  (Except for last night, where we ate Southern Fried Chicken, potatoes, and biscuits here.  AMAZING)

3.  You people in the South are AMAZING.  I could never live there - 100 w/ 95% humidity?  DEAR GOD.  More on this in days to come.

I'm kind of brain dead + sleepy - I need to unpack, clean the house, find some groceries, and SLEEP!


  1. Had to laugh at #3... I got in my car today at lunch and the temp was 102. Couple that with the humidity and omg.. It does suck. No wonder I don't run outside more, huh! LOL