Friday, August 13, 2010

hello, new me

You know those times in life where you make the Right Decision, and feel like a grown-up?  Today was one of those days.

My family has always been intensely competitive.  Not necessarily in sports - but just in life.  This carried over to my friendships.  I fiercely guarded activities & achievements so they could be MINE. (This sounds SO weird, but maybe I'll try to explain in more depth later) 

Anyway, a good friend - we were like sisters until a year ago - said on Facebook she wanted to start running.  We've been similar weights/fitness levels for a while, so I figured I could help her out while she gets going.  Thing is?  None of my hometown friends really know that I run or that I've been losing weight.  I haven't seen them to tell them.  Now, Megan knows I've been losing weight, because she saw me 6 weeks ago - but it was her first time seeing me in over a year and we didn't really talk about that stuff.

Old me would have hidden and let her fight her way through those brutal first weeks - then nonchalantly mentioned in a conversation that I was signed up for a 10K - something along those lines.  Why?  WHO KNOWS.  We are friends, aiming for a similar goal - to be HEALTHY - and I'm here trying to win the damn thing.  Like it's a competition.  Sigh.

So, I threw on my running clothes & shoes this morning, and drove the 55 miles to my hometown to see my dad & run with Megan.  I told her about my C25K classes (she didn't know about them), about wool socks, Body Glide, and Bondi Bands.  I told her about making your first mile, pushing through pain, and how to avoid blisters.  I told her how good it feels to be sore, and how her food cravings will change.  I shared everything I knew - completely opposite of what old me would have done.

And it felt so good.

I want to encourage others.  If they want to run, or chase me, or do weights with me - I won't hide.  I'll invite them in, push them to where they can go.  This isn't a competition, it's a journey, and the more friends the better. :)

Extra bonus : Can you tell where I started running at my house?  Yay for living on the water!