Monday, August 16, 2010

Runner down!

Ugh, that's right.  I'm hurt. 

It was 95+ here all weekend.  I took Saturday off from exercising after 4 miles on Friday.  Sunday, we decided to go hit golf balls at the driving range of the golf course my in-laws live in.

It was all going great, until I accidentally put my token into the ball machine without a basket.  Cue golf balls EVERYWHERE.

I caught as many as I could, and was trying to get over to M's box to deposit the balls.  Unfortunately, there was a rogue golf ball in my path that I was unaware of.  I came down on it with my right foot, kind of sideways. 

I couldn't put my weight on my ankle for about 5 mins.  I could walk gingerly after that.  It was swollen, but not bruised or sore to the touch.  I iced it, elevated it, and took some Advil.

And it's been the same ever since - almost 36hrs later.  It's still swollen, though not bruised.  I can walk okay, but have to go down stairs one at a time.  Turning my foot in hurts like hell.  And I keep hearing/feeling popping inside of my ankle.

Sigh.  I was so looking forward to making 3 miles this week without walking.  I was looking forward to EXERCISING after almost two weeks off.

In good news - I lost nearly 2 lbs on vacation.  Whaaaaaaat.


  1. Sorry bout your scary encounter with the golf balls that has left you a cripple. Freaky and random and sucky! Good luck getting better! Awesome bout the weight loss.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the injury! :( My biggest fear is something like that to keep me from running. I hope you heal very quickly! YAY for the 2 lb loss while on vacation!!! That is awesome. Have a great week!