Monday, September 27, 2010

That big thing?

It happened.

Over the weekend, me & M's favorite band, Guster, was in town to do some touristing.  I replied at them about sights to see, etc, and they actually went on a trip I proposed.  We had a little twitter convo all weekend, culminating in me asking for passes to their ultra-private performance at a Seattle radio station this morning.

We showed up, and found only 9 other people there.  We sat front row - about 3 feet from the guys.  They talked about our twitter convo, thanked me for giving them the recommendation, played two new songs, two old songs, then took pictures and signed posters.

 I'm dead right now.

Ryan, the drummer, two feet in front of us.  He was playing the swizzle-things on a cardboard box for the last song.  A+ inventiveness.

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