Wednesday, September 29, 2010


(This is longer.  Stick around until the end!  It's worth it!)

Back in June, I signed up for the You Go Girl 10K in Tacoma - my hometown.  I slaved through June and July to be able to 'run the whole thing' - only to fall into the ankle injury 6 weeks out from the race.

For some reason I didn't even THINK of walking the race.  I'm SO glad I pulled the trigger and did it though - it really did cap off a great weekend and kick-started a great week.  There's so much going on - I finished the SOWL at my goal of -15 lbs to 185 lbs, we saw Guster at a private performance, I got the date for my braces coming off (Nov 1), and it's me and M's SEVENTH anniversary today.  Wooo!  On to the recap!

Bloggy dinner- I'm so glad that Amanda, Mel, and Jill put this together.  It's always so weird to see people *live* when you are used to seeing their lives through the internet.  Everyone was so great and funny - and so much like their blogs!  It's great when people are like their online personas and just as crazy and funny as they are in their posts.  I was sad when it was over - but so amped for race morning.  Can you believe this was only my SECOND race?!  I know.  I am lazy at signing up for races around here.  

On race morning, I woke up at 5:30 to the sound of rain over the sound of the air conditioner.  Fudgeeee.  I dozed on and off until the alarm went off at 7:15.  Threw on my carefully laid out outfit, and went downstairs. 

I somehow managed to have a conversation with my stepdad (who is a morning person and already awake!) and made two scrambled eggs.  Choked down some of that, then was out the door in the pouring rain.  I found a parking spot next to Kim & Kim, and hopped into their car to hide until we met at Tully's.

Blah, blah, race starts.  Kerrie, Zoe & I had decided to 'jalk' the race together - running when we felt like it, walking when we didn't.  It worked really well, and it was great to not feel like I was holding the other ladies back.  I was chatty for the first mile or so, then kind of just fell silent, listening to the chatter around me and thinking about random crap.  I purposefully didn't bring my Garmin so I could enjoy the whole thing without worrying about time or pace. Did have to worry about dodging  the paparazzi.  AKA Kerrie.

We finally made it down to the last half mile, and Zoe & I took off for the finish line.   Afterwards, Kerrie took off to eat breakfast with her fam.  I stuck around until the half-marathoners finished, took some pics, then trudged back to the car.

The whole race, I kept comparing how I felt to how many miles would have been left if I was running the half.  I kept thinking about how much lighter I felt now that I've lost this much weight.  I kept thinking about 'if, if, if'.

So, now, I'm committing.  2011 Seattle RnR Half Marathon.  June 25, 2011. 

Dear God.  I'll be needing some friendship through this (and on the longer runs. )  And a new iPod.  Because mine is still MIA.


  1. I am probably going to run either the seattle half or full (as long as we are still stationed here in tacoma!)

  2. Way to go!! Love the race day outfit!
    Woohoo! You are totally committed! Please, tell me I need to register for the half I *hope* to run in 2011. I know I will get more serious about training if I just hit submit on the registration. lol

  3. Cute outfit :-). It look like you had a great race!

  4. Oh my gosh I'm so excited about this. So glad you decided to go to YGG and had so much fun. Really glad that it got you pumped up to commit it to the HALF in June. That was my very first half. I'm totally into setting up a date for a long run. Name the time and the place. Can't wait.

  5. Yay for signing up for the half!!

  6. I am totally considering making that my first half too! Way to go on committing! It was great to meet you, glad you had fun!

  7. WOOHOO! This is AWESOME. That will be my first full (God-willing). Oh how fun! It's gonna be fun!

  8. It was great hanging out with you. I'm totally in for the Seattle RNR Half. I'm hoping that I can get my husband to run it too. It would be his first one. I'm working on Tressa also. We just need to get a few more of us in for some peer pressure and it's a done deal :)

  9. Again I am so proud of you!! Lets get you healthy and clocking those miles. You rock sister.. Hey were is our picture?? hmmmm??

  10. You will have a BLAST at the RnR Half! It'll be great! You did an amazing job at YGG, so I have all the confidence in the world that you will rock the half. :)