Friday, October 1, 2010

Fly-by Friday Update

I'm off to LA in 4 hours - we're going to the UW vs. USC football game tomorrow, then spending Sunday in Valencia at Magic Mountain Amusement Park.  I'll be riding this.  GULP.

I finished a huge project at work in less than 48 hours, and spent part of my day downloading 1999-2003 songs for a new playlist.  What I have so far:

1.  Nelly/Tim McGraw - Over Again
2.  Destiny's Child - Bills Bills Bills
3.  Ja Rule - Livin' It Up
5.  NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye
6.  BSB - I Want It That Way
8.  5ive - Baby when the lights go out
9.  Aaliyah - Try Again
10. R Kelly - Ignite REMIX
11.  702 - Where my girls At
12.  K-C and Jo Jo - Crazy
14.  Nelly - Country Grammar
15.  Blake Shelton - Austin
16.  Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for Tonight

Classy, tasteful, eh?  Whatever.  At least I didn't put 'Back that Ass Up' on there.

After I hit the 40 lb goal and anniversary and the such this week, decided to have a 'I Don't Care' day.  I had treats from starbucks, cheetos, and my weight in M&Ms.  It was fantastic.  But now I am so over sugar & fake cheese.  YAY!

I know I still need to do my final SOWL update...and after pictures...I promise next week. :)


  1. That playlist brings up a lot of old memories from high school.

  2. 40! Amazing! Have a great weekend...oh, and...