Saturday, September 25, 2010

YGG 10k - to walk or not to walk?

Ugh, fighting with a thought that creeped into my head yesterday at work.  Should I walk the 10k?  My parents went and picked up my bib & swag I could....but would ankle hold up?

I didn't have any pain after 2 miles on Tuesday...but 6 is a ton more than 2.
Will anyone walk it with me?
Is it going to rain like crazy the whole time?
Where are my wool socks?
Why did I step on that damn golf ball in the first place?
Where is my iPod?!

At least I have a cute outfit picked out for tonight's Bloggy Dinner in T-Town!

If I'm good today through Tuesday...I think I might hit my SOWL goal.  I'm within 1.5 lbs.  :)


  1. I think you should try and walk! You can always stop :o) Plus, you've already paid and such, might as well try! I know a few ladies who are walking and I could hook you up with them. ;o) See you tonight!

  2. WAlk!! and you looked really cute buddy! Always good to see you friend..