Monday, November 15, 2010

Mid-Day run - COMPLETE!

Ah, Seattle.  It's currently 50 degrees out, windy, and misting lightly.  And I was SO EXCITED to go run!  You see, I'm a sweaty monster.  I think about running and out pop some sweat beads.

BUT!  It's gross out!  I have capris and a short sleeve t-shirt!  This is going to be AWESOME.

So, I took off.  It's a slight downhill slope.  It felt GREAT to be outside, breathing fresh air and feeling the cold wind on my face.  I went too fast.  Wah-wah.  Made it out to my turn around point, went up a few blocks, and ran back to the office.  The downside of this route is that what goes down must come up.  The last 4 blocks are hilly - so I ran/walked as crosswalks permitted.

Next time I'll bring the Garmin so I know my time better - I guestimated based on my last outbound IM on my computer & the time in the elevator on my way back up to my floor. 

I really like running in the city.  Instead of taking walk breaks, I just stop for a few seconds at the crosswalks, wait until the light turns green, and continue on my merry way.

I'm hoping to maintain this M/W/F most weeks.  No one in the office even noticed I left (or just assumed I was in a meeting).


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