Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mid-Day Running?

Oh, daylight savings.  How I hate you.  It's now dark at 4:30pm here in southern Alaska, and while I don't mind the dark, I don't want to run in it!

I'm very nervous about running in the dark - even in well-lit neighborhoods.  It just doesn't seem okay to me.  That leaves me with running in the am (AHAHAHHAHA) or mid-day at work.

The mid-day plan seems easiest, but we don't have shower facilities in my building, so I'm thinking about joining the gym across the street for two reasons:

1)  Shower/freshen up/ have a place to change
2)  Place to run inside or do other workout stuff if it's really nasty out

The downside is that this is extra $$ that I don't really want to spend right now...

Does anyone run mid-day?  How do you freshen up?  My office wouldn't care about me walking around in sneakers & running garb as I walk to the elevevator lobby.  (Let's be honest.  They wouldn't care if I wore that to work - let along if I was just dashing out to run!)

Would baby wipes work?  Or like Wet Ones?  I'm not planning on doing super long runs - 2-3m max.  It's cold out, so I shouldn't sweat too much, right?


  1. I cannot midday run because I sweat SO bad when I run. I only get a 30 min lunch which is barely enough time to even run, but still even if I had an hour it would mean changing, running and then trying to find time to freshen back up. I would need a shower for sure! I'm sure the people I work with would not care at all but sitting with sweat still on me would bother me even if I did use a wetwipe/baby wipe to clean up a bit.
    I hope you find a way to get your runs in. I honestly had no idea that it was dark at 4:30pm though. I will no longer complain about it being dark at 6pm here!