Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting Back Into It.

Baby carrots.  Nuts.  Seeds.  Snickers bars.  Tootsie Rolls. Raw Broccoli.  Celery.  Meat on the bone.  Giant sandwiches.  Milk Duds.  Sugar babies.

Oh, you guys, I forgot how wonderful crunching food is.  Or chewing on it for a while.  Or swirling around caramel.  Oh, oh, oh.

I've always had a sweet tooth, but never much enjoyed candy.  (Ice cream?  Completely different story!)  Once I got my Snickers bar inhaled last Monday, I haven't wanted another.  Same with every other candy listed up there. 

The carrots though?  And raw veggies?  Cannot get ENOUGH.  I'm pretty sure I'm actually a slight shade of orange under my makeup this morning.  My AmazonFresh order this afternoon has over $30 worth of veggies in it.  I'm so excited to go home and unpack it!

Mike & I went to Black Butte, OR this last weekend for a giant 30th-birthday-celebration with a bunch of friends.  One of the other 'wives' brought the 30 Day Shred (30DS) on her computer, and there ended up being 8 women in the living room of the cabin 'shredding' while the boys played Hearts.  Awesome.  I kept up fine, but level 1 definitely did not feel as easy as it used to!  I was feeling just fine through the cardio sections, but the strength portions were ultimate fail.  It has been almost three months since I did serious workout or strength stuff on my legs - I could only do so many squats with bumankle.

With the craziness of my life for the last 5-6 weeks - NYC, dad stuff, etc., - I'm eager to get back into some form of a routine.  I had my routine pretty nailed down throughout the summer - work, commute, workout, traffic, tv, knit, shower, bed.  It sounds SO hard now that I've been out of it for a while...but I have done it.  And done it well.  For many months.

Last night I headed home and did level one of the 30DS in the living room.  We had takeout thai for dinner, but I restrained my portion.  Today was my normal greek yogurt & berries for breakfast, with a giant 500cal salad for lunch.  After work I have an hour long personal training session, where I am going to request that my legs and arms feel like jell-o afterwards.  Dinner is stuffed acorn squash.

So, going through the motions is proving to be easy enough.  Now I just need to get out and run.  I'm scared, for some reason.  Or, rather, nervous.  Hrm.  Need to think more about that one.  Plus, it's perfect knitting weather. :) 

Did you all know I knit?  It's kind of my other obsession, and has been for a while.  Right now I'm working the most wonderful triangular shawl with this yarn - which I cannot photograph well enough to do it justice.  I sit it on my desk at work during the day just so I can look at it. :)

This is the result of the first time I knit this pattern.  It was done in a heavier, almost sock weight yarn (Sea Silk) and knit rather loosely.  The shawl above will be a bit tighter so there's more solid fabric in the body to highlight the tonal changes in the yarn.  It will also be smaller - given the blue yarn above is a true 2-ply laceweight.  The one below is over 66 inches wide!  (Also, let's not talk about the width of other things *ahem* in that picture.  The picture was taken the week before I started exercising & eating right.  HUZZAH)


  1. I found you all by myself! Sent you a note on FB...Got you on my blogroll, I feel better. I posted about You Go Girl last Friday and will now link you up!

  2. Wow! That shawl is amazing. I am a completely amateur knitter in awe of you. That yarn is such a deep, dreamy color. I've banned myself from further yarn shopping until I use what I have (I do the West Seattle Yarn Gallery - where do you like?). BUT - I really want to knit up a matching hat / mittens for our babysitter's daughter (2 yrs). Do you happen to have any cute pattern ideas? Need to check online...

  3. Glad to have you back on here! Missed ya!

  4. @ Alma: I'm a horrible stash-er of yarn. It's really bad. My fav shops around here are Weaving Works in the u-district or Fiber Gallery in Greenwood. They both have Madelinetosh - which is the yarn above. DREAMY.

    I always scout out Ravelry (you are a member, right?) - their new search functions are super great for when you have a general idea in your head. Kristin Kapour (google 'through the loops') has some super cute hat/mitten/glove combos for adults that you could likely re-size to fit a 2 y/o's head/hands.


  5. Cool - thanks for the head's up about the comment. It's been a while since I checked out Ravelry. I will look tomorrow. I didn't know about a yarn shop in Greenwood!! Hmmmm - need to venture north.
    Please post more of your creations!