Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somewhat back...

First off, I'd like to thank all of you that reached out either here, on Facebook, or on Twitter about the loss of my dad.  It meant so much in that extremely difficult time.

First after dad passed, I slept.  I slept and ate nothing but ice cream sandwiches (it was the only thing that sounded remotely edible). 

Early last week, my stepmom told my younger sister & I that we would be in charge of everything - from the obituary to services to reception to programs... Needless to say last week was one of the most difficult weeks I think I'll ever have in my life.  Thank GOD for my mom, aunt, and work family.  Work family kicked me out of the office more than once to go home and work on the service (I felt bad not coming in to work for some reason.  The hell?  I did take Tuesday PM & all day Th and Friday off)

We got everything pulled together - and Saturday's services went off quite well.  The chapel was overflowing, the reception had tons of good food and good people and my dad's favorite Rainier beer & Wild Cherry Pepsi.

The downfall of being so busy last week is the fact I haven't had time to grieve, really.  I know I had posted that we knew this was coming, and I had tried to prepare myself...but I had no idea how hard this was going to be.  I'm still kind of numb, and find myself sitting at home or here at my desk just staring off into space.  I'm also still ridiculously tired - sleeping 10+ hours a night and still having to drag myself out of bed.

On the health front (instead of the emotional front), I managed to make it into personal training on Tuesday last week.  Unfortunately, my diet had only expanded past ice cream sandwiches to nachos.  I found out that when all you eat is those two items, you can maintain your weight.  GOOD TO KNOW, EH?! 

My sister & I worked out with my mom & her personal trainer while in our hometown on Thursday.  It felt so good to sweat - but we were all so exhausted afterwards.  My ankle only hurt while we were doing rock-climbers, so I just sat that one out.

Anyways, that's the status here right now.  I know I need to go run, but am putting it off while I try to catch back up to Real Life.  (Turns out when you don't really eat for two weeks, everything in your kitchen goes bad.  BOO!)  We have a weekend away this weekend, plus a big work project on Thursday night, JJ to the vet on Weds for shots, I have a 2.5 hr long dentist appointment Weds, and I've already had two ortho appointments.

OH!  The good news this week is my braces are off. :)  I spent most of last night eating baby carrots, popcorn, and snickers. :) 

Pic courtesy of my rear view mirror & camera phone.


  1. You are so brave to do all those things for your dad. It would be very hard. I can't imagine.

    Are you cleared to run now? Maybe we should plan a December running date since the Seattle Marathon volunteer thing is not going to work out it looks like. What do you think? I start marathon training the last week of Nov (it's a long, slow plan). It would be fun to run together again.

    PS: You are so pretty!

  2. I'm so sorry again for your loss. Nachos and ice cream sandwiches.... mmmmm comfort food.

  3. I dealt with some similar stuff when I lost my Mom 6 years ago. I had a 3 year old, a baby, and everything was up to me. It sounds like it all came together well. I'm so glad.

    I'm glad you are back. Congrats on the removal of the braces. I remember how strange it felt to finally have mine off. You look great.

  4. You look great Chels! Perfect smile!

    I am so sorry you had to go through all of that with your dad, but it sounds like it went off well! Lots of prayers your way!

    (P.S. My email is being dumb and I can't find your addy. shoot me a message Miss you!