Friday, December 17, 2010


It's amazing how different miles can feel.  How mile 1 is so hard, but mile 2 feels like you're floating.  It's amazing how different mile 1 can feel on a Wednesday vs. a Thursday.

For most of Q4, I've had a work project every Thursday from 6-10pm.  This means I am tied to my computer.  It's very depressing.  Yesterday, I bugged out of work early for two reasons - I had to take the bus home due to car issues (hubs hit a pothole and popped TWO tires.  Talent.) and I needed to redeem myself from Wednesday's horrible run where I got ONE lousy mile in.

I kind of set myself up for failure on Wednesday.  I didn't want to run, but knew I had to due to the Thursday Work Project.  I decided to try out my new sports bra from Nordstrom (no bounce! I promise!  (lies!)).  I couldn't find anything on Hulu, so I started watching a re-run of Real Housewives.  I let my mind wander.

Bad Idea.

Half a mile in I was almost in tears from the pain in my chest & shoulders from lack of support in the chest region and from stress about work, social life, and Christmas.  I threw in the towel and retreated into the living room, where the puppy licked my tears away.

Yesterday was different.  I chose to run outside, knowing I could stay on the main street that is well lit and well populated.  (I hate running in the dark.  Have I mentioned that?)  My damn Garmin wouldn't boot, so I just ran.  I ran fast.  I stopped at lights.  I ran faster.  I slowed down.  I admired how cute my skirt is when running past darkened office windows.  It was FANTASTIC.

The sidewalks were full of people commuting home, shoppers, and diners.  Little kids were running around with santa hats.  The neighborhood bum told me 'Lookin Good!'. 

Ah, the power of a redeeming 2-mile run.

I'm doing a 5k on Saturday with a ton of local ladies - Kerrie, Kadie, Alma, Jill, & Mel.  I'm so excited.  I got a red shirt today, and have red & white socks to put on over my black running tights.  It's my first ever themed run.  Apparently there's also a beer garden after?  JACKPOT. 

(And with the 5k?  My first double-digit mileage week in MONTHS!)

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  1. Hi! Congrats on the high milage week!
    I really liked this post because I think sometimes we can get focused on the runs we feel like we HAVE to do instead of running because it's FUN. I'm so glad you found that again last night :) I totally have some of my best runs when I forget the watch and just enjoy the scenery!