Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why hello there.

Hi all - apologies for not posting in the last few weeks. To be quite honest, I've been having a hard time with life lately.  Work isn't going well, the holidays without my dad for the first time are harder than I thought, and I've been working through other personal stuff.   Fun, Eh?

The good news is that I have been RUNNING!  It's such a great stress reliever.  I've been doing little 2-3 mile runs after work 2-3x a week.  On Monday, I did my first 'long' run of 4.67 miles.  There was a bit of walking - my overall pace was around 13:09.   It was so great to know I went that far, and I kind of secretly love how shaky one is after you push yourself that hard.

We had a work-team even last week where we went bowling.  I know I never mentioned it here - but I used to be a pretty good bowler.  Our school went to state every year when I was in HS, and I was #8 at the state tournament overall my senior year.  Now, I haven't thrown in over a year, and definitely haven't practiced in way longer than that - but I was surprised at how easily it all came back to me.   It was somewhat of a comfort.  So much of a comfort that I woke up early on Saturday morning and drove to the closest bowling alley (about 30 mins away) and practiced by myself.  Just me, the ball, and the ever-changing lane conditions.  And I LOVED it.

Yes, that's me on the very left.  I had very short hair.

Now, if you go Glow Bowling, or just bowling with friends, you aren't really getting that much of a workout.  But if you're bowling for sport?  You'd be surprised.  I could tell immediately that the running and squats I've been doing have helped tremendously with my timing & follow-through.  My endless crunches are holding me upright so I don't fall over when I release the ball.  My shoulder work lets me swing the ball - not the other way around.   (And?  When you're by yourself with no breaks?  You can break a sweat super easy!)

So, I'm looking forward to getting back into bowling, both for the physical aspect and for the therapeutic.  

I'm hoping life will start to turn around after the New Year.  I really need a break.  

Current Arms/Abs/Legs challenge #s:

Squats - 800
Lunges - 100 (whoops!)
Abs - 895
Arms - 635

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  1. Hugs friend. Hope everything's OK. Need to meet for lunch on Friday? It's my day off and I'll have T Junior (comic relief). Besides, I owe you monies for the feet coverings. If not, I'll see you SATURDAY! Super excited!

    PS: I could tell the squats, etc. were helping when I kicked Mr. T's a$$ walking two blocks uphill downtown before the work Christmas party. So thank you for the challenge!