Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm back!

Oh Lordy!  I haven't posted since the cruise!  I'm a total blog-loser. :(

Well, first off, the cruise was AWESOME.  Super relaxing, sun & bit of a breeze each day, the bands were AWESOME.  My 'food' plan was to fill up w/ good stuff (hard boiled eggs, grilled veggies, fruit, salad) and to take little nibbles of the 'bad' stuff.  My plan must have worked...I lost a full pound during that week!  I also ran the stairs & only took the elevator if I was going more than 6 floors.

Now, I'm back to RUNNING and BOWLING and EATING GOOD THINGS.  It's so very exciting!

Half Marathon plan has been received (many many thanks to Coach Mel!) and I'm pouring over it.  The plan officially starts week after next...but I am starting w/ lower mileage to get into the 'groove' of running 4x a week.  My realization so far?  I need more color in my running gear.  Just went out for two chilly miles with black tights, black & purple running skirt, black long sleeve shirt, black tech tee, black gloves, and black bondi band.  Whoops. 

I threw 5 games last Saturday and felt great.  My stepdad (Coach Joe!) was able to validate a few of the things I was thinking about (my timing was off, I was dropping/rounding my shoulders) and I threw 215 my fourth game.  My 5 game average was close to 170, which I will take any day...we're throwing again this Saturday and we're beginning to think about what kind of ball I can get.

Eating Good Things:
SparkPeople is back!  Calorie counting has been going on like crazy.  I make my steel cut oats (with 25 raisins) overnight every night in the crockpot, and have been having little chicken wraps for lunch, with dried apricots & prunes as a snack.  Dinners have been mostly decent...lots of chicken and fish!  And veggies! 

Do you have bands that you love...that have albums you can listen to the whole way through?

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  1. You are very welcome Chelsea.. What plan did you pick?? Are you on Dailymile so I can follow your progress??