Monday, March 28, 2011

A 10k!

I've only ever gone 6.2 miles once.  It was during the You Go Girl event in Tacoma last September, and I mostly walked it with Zoe & Kerrie.  I had 6 on the schedule last weekend, and decided to make it 6.2 for shits & giggles.

There's a great neighborhood 5k that was set to start at 9am a few blocks from my house.  (You got a Norwegian flag at the start to carry with you, and heart-shaped waffles with Lingonberry jam at the end.  How festive!)  I set out at 8am to get through 3 miles before registration started at 8:30am.

Still Sleepy

8am, neighborhood still sleepy too

Main arterial, so busy!

Yeah, it's industrial, but it's DIRT!  My joints love this.  They want to build the super popular Burke Gilman trail extension here...can't imagine having all of those pedestrians mingling w/ the giant trucks!

Boats!  Yeah, we're a little old fishing village.

At this point, I bailed on the 3 miles early and went home to change.  It was chilly, and I was in my typical Ninja mode.  But I was sweating BUCKETS!  Quick home to throw on my shorts and I made it to race registration at 8:35.

There, I met up with an Internet Friend and her (unbeknownst to me) pregnant friend Bethany.  Yes, that means I've run my only two 10k's with pregnant ladies.  Good juju!  We were off!  The course they picked out was hilly - it includes the hill that I use for hill training.  We ran up most o the hills, then walked a bit so Bethany's heart rate wouldn't get too high.  Out to the Leif Erickson statue (We were racing from the Leif Erickson lodge to his statue...have I mentioned my neighbors are all Norwegian?!) and back.  I still had a little less than a mile to finish up once we got back to Norwegian HQ.  I gobbled a bit o' water (passed on the waffle) and set of to run laps around my block.

I didn't really have a goal time for this run.  I didn't know how I would feel after running, then stopping, then running again, and I wanted to be able to enjoy the 5k with the ladies.  I ended up with 6.2 miles in exactly 1:15, which is a 12:13/mile pace.  PERFECT.  I was able to talk and laugh the entire time.

Obligatory sweaty mess picture when I got back.



  1. Nice! Not sure how I'd do starting and stopping like that either but it looks like it went ok. :)

  2. Think I found your blog from Kerrie T. Excited! I grew up in Bellevue and seeing Seattle makes my heart happy. WTG on the PR my 10K time was 1:29:32 in October. It was a struggle. Just signed up for You Go Girl 1/2 today

  3. Fantastic, Chelsea!!! That's funny that you've run 10Ks with prego ladies...that is some good juju for sure. :)