Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday pictures!

Marlene posted last Friday with a 'Day In My Life'  update.   I LOVE 'day in my life' posts, and had already planned on documenting my little 3 mile run via pictures that day.

Friday was a glorious spring day in Seattle - 58 degrees, sun shining.  Here's the view from next to my work building.

Say hi, 2nd Ave!  Friday + sun shining = everyone leaving work a bit early

Ah, and onto Alaskan Way.  I never thought I would like running down here...but I love it.  Great path, lots of traffic + tourists to look at.

The only bad things?  TRAINS.  Love hearing trains.  hate being near a moving one.

I cut across the street from the dedicated path to the main sidewalk.  I passed by Anthony's Waterfront - a local chain of restaurants that I love.  The waterfront deck was open.

I stopped, remembering I brought the necessities for me to live in my pocket.
work badge, sbux gold card, cash, valet ticket for car

$20 and my ID.  ALMOST took a spot on the deck but carried on.

YAY fountains! Turnaround point!  Exactly 1.5 miles from my work.  Did a little stretchy-poo and headed back.  I saw a warning on Twitter from the local weatherguy that storm clouds were inbound - I'm glad I headed out when I did.


I opted to run a bit past the work building...OH HI up there!


On the way home , sitting in traffic

And listening to my favorite - All Things Considered on NPR.

I really like these posts...I wish my camera didn't pull my skirt down as much as it does...need to get used to wearing my spibelt!


  1. Oh I like to see a good review on Seattle running. My hubs and I are thinking about doing a water front run, park by Qwest and head north.....he works by the Art Park on the waterfront so he is always exploring options for us to run down there.

  2. I've never been to Seattle and this post makes me want to visit. It looks so pretty!

  3. I used to LOVE running the waterfront! It's a great long path! Great pics!

  4. aw, looks fun to run along the cityscape!

  5. Fun! I got it in my head a year ago that I really want to move to Seattle. These pictures only encourage that plan.