Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday - the late edition!

1.  It's just after 10pm, and I just got home from watching My Run with Mel, Jamie, Jill, and Kerrie.  The movie was okay.  Not my most favorite ever, but the outfits from 1996 gave me a good laugh!  Did you go see it?  Did you like it?

2.  My shoulder & back are still bugging me.  My old boss is the BEST at getting knots out of your shoulders, so she worked on my shoulder for 15 mins this am.  The knot is still there, but smaller.  Here's to hoping that it doesn't flare up on long run this weekend. 

3.  Prunes!  I'm out!  I am hitting up Trader Joe's on the way home tomorrow - do you have any new goodies from there to recommend?!


  1. Mmm, I love Trader Joe's! There mac and cheese is the best boxed in the universe.

  2. So wish I could have hopped on a plane and crashed the movie date last night!

    And you kill me with the prunes. Ew!