Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I used to stretch religiously after ever run.  It's one of those things that was ingrained into me during the C25K class.  Then...I just stopped.  'Oh, it's just 2 miles', I would say.  Or 'Good LORD it is cold out here, get inside!'. 

Now, because I am silly, I didn't put the 'stopping stretching' in the same timeline as when my left hip pain showed up.  Yeah.  It was bad - I was shuffling after every run, and even just lying on my left side made me wince.  GAH.  It didn't hurt much when I ran, so I just didn't talk about it & kept going.

Well, surprise surprise, I start stretching again & mystery pain disappears!  SHOCKING.

What's even sillier is that I have a PERFECT spot to stretch in my driveway.  This rock wall is just the right height for my short little legs to stretch on, and the fence behind it is perfect for holding on to while stretching out my ankles & feet. 

So, if you're in Seattle and see a girl stretchin' out somethin FIERCE in her driveway, yell hello! :)  And then go stretch!


  1. Yo, that's some fierce stretching! Hehe. You know, I don't really stretch much anymore...except after a long run. Not sure if this is good or bad.

  2. At least you are properly dressed when stretching. There are some older guys around my work who stretch in a NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY manner.

  3. what specific stretches do you do for your hips?

  4. @mona - oh EW. I just saw a guy on Alaskan running in some short shorts that were, uhm, workin' his way up his legs. :\ NOT OKAY.