Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading Fail.

My race training plan hangs directly above my monitor at work.  I look at it throughout the day.  I look at it enough that you'd think I would know WTF is on my plan for the week.


I thought I was doing 3 miles w/ 3 x 200m hills the first week, then 4 x 200m hills the next week, and so on.  For four weeks.  "I am doing so well" I told myself as I patted myself on the back.

Nope.  I was supposed to have started out at 3 mi w/ 5 x 200m hills the first week, then I was supposed to jump to 4 mi w/ 5 x 200m hills last week.  Uh.  FAIL. 

Sure glad I looked at that fancy Coach-Mel plan!  *facepalm* 


  1. This is why I don't have a plan, I just run, then I can't mess it up.

    Happy Running,


  2. Lol, happens to the best of us! I hope the rest of your training goes well!

  3. Ahh it happens! I try to get my runs in on my planned days but that never seems to I have on a white board

    Week 6 - 5- 5 -3

    meaing get in those distance on any days you can this week - just get them done! LOL

  4. Chelsea-your coment on our post made me laugh! I'm sure you had your coug fill! :) Thanks for your sweet comment though!!

    Facepalm--great visual!!

  5. sounds like you're doing a great job (other than, you know, the numbers thing)... : ) keep at it, girl!