Monday, March 7, 2011

New Journey

I've been meaning to get new shoes for a while now.  I kept saying it - but never did it.  I realized this week I've had my Asics for a year.  I bought them the week before my first couch to 5k class.

Those shoes have taken me over 250 miles, 50 lost pounds, personal training, 30 day shreds, and a few tears.   

Those first few weeks of running were AWESOME.  I never dreamed I could run a block or more.  After the 'Ooo shiny!' wore off, I knew I had to find inspiration elsewhere to help me stick with it.  Enter the running blogosphere. 

There was a Friday night when a bunch of Mike's friends were over.  I was cruising around the Internet, only half-heartedly listening to their conversations.  I decided to see if there were any running blogs out there - having had such great experiences with knitting blogs when I was starting with the yarn.    

I think I found Tall Mom on the Run as my second or third blog.  I recognized some of the pictures in her sidebar as a trail by my in-laws house, and loved her big smile on her pictures.  I kept reading.  I found race reports, the archive, and became immersed in reading pretty much her entire blog.  Mike's friends were teasing me for being so focused on the computer - but I couldn't help it.  Her posts and quotes were exactly what I needed then.  

A few weeks after that, I approached the tall lady with big smile at the Run Like a Mother book signing I went to - "Are you tall mom?!"  It was such a fan girl moment - how much would I creep her out? 

Ten months later, I start half marathon training with a plan that 'tall lady' built for me.  I have the support of other bloggers I found in the days after I found Tall Mom… a support system I never would have dreamed of.

One year after I started running, I'm ready for the next journey. 

13.1 here I come.


  1. Woohoo! So excited for you! And can't wait to run See Jane with you as your SECOND half!

  2. Nice post Chelsea! Look forward to seeing you at an upcoming WeROKC or race?

  3. @Alma - yes, definitely on the WeROKC - just once my long runs get a bit, well, longer.

  4. Great post! It's amazing how far we can come in a year...