Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ab Ripper X

T (HERE) has been posting on DailyMile all of her Ab Ripper X workouts.  Marlene (HERE) said she tried it out and it was ridiculous.  Naturally, I wanted to take a go at it.  I know I'm so much stronger now running that I have been doing cross training, and know I'll need that core & lower back support this summer.

I tried it on Tuesday night.  LORDY.

I've never done P90X - I purchased it last summer in hopes of doing it last fall - but then anklegate happened and blah blah blah.  So the DVDs have been sitting in a drawer, quietly calling my name.

Yeah.  Wow.  It's amazing that you can get killed so quickly in 15 mins.  I had sweat on my forehead and in the pits after only 5 mins. 

Now, the thing about me is that I don't get sore the day after a crazy workout.  I'm sore TWO days after.  Today?  I can barely stand up straight.  Don't make me laugh, I will cry

SO!  I plan on doing the DVD again.  Probably will not try to keep up as hard as I did last time, then work my way up to keeping up.  Or trying to keep up.  But I really liked the challenge, I liked Tony, and I felt strong during the workout.  A+!


  1. Seems crazy! Way to go after it. Can't wait to hear more. Have you been twatting lately...oh woops I mean tweeting?

  2. Good idea, you sure don't have to do all the reps to start!

  3. I love Ab Ripper X. I've done it a few times and it is so crazy. I remember doing it and feeling SO SORE for so long. Tony doesn't mess around!

  4. I LOVE p90x!! Especially ab ripper x :D Congrats on surviving it!! :)

  5. I'm really curious about p90x, but I feel like it is a big time commitment. Thoughts?

  6. I have the discs that my friend burned for me but I'm scared. Of the pain! The pain!

  7. It's crazy right? Stick with it. It gets easier!