Saturday, March 19, 2011

With great power...

...comes great responsibility.

I should be in the shower, fresh off my 5 mile long run of the week.  I'm not.   The subject of this post?  Yeah...haven't been doing so great at fueling my body w/ the GOOD calories it needs.

Actually, I've been doing a reasonable job.  It's just that quesadilla I had half of Thursday night?  On St. Patrick's day, before I drank all that Guinness?  Not such a good idea, come to find out.  I thought I was hungover yesterday, but I was feeling crummy from the quesadilla.

How do I know this?  Because I had part of the leftovers w/ a salad for lunch from Trader Joe's.  And I've been feeling shaky, queasy, and headachy ever since.  The two block walk from my car to my house nearly had me bent over in a bush.

SO.  What have we learned class?

1)  Don't eat takeout food - of any kind - on days of big runs.  Veggies and homemade recipes only, plz.

2)  St. Patrick's Day + NCAA Tournament = booze.  Imbibe responsibly.  (Actually, I only had a single beer and single piece of pizza last night during the game.  V. proud of myself.)

3)  Be flexible.  I've got a scheduled rest day tomorrow - will just do 5 miles after the UW game in the morning.  It's cool.  And the game being on before noon means no beer.

Big thanks to Coach Mel for being so responsive with motivating texts today, even though her run didn't turn out as planned.


  1. Ouch, I'm also struggling with this. I wish I had some kind of awesome advice, but I eat horribly. I hope you feel better and things go better tomorrow!

  2. That is no good. Sorry you aren't feeling great. Wish I could run 5 with you tomorrow. It's was so beautiful outside today!

  3. Ick--Sorry you had teh experience. Isn't this running thing tough sometimes--chalk it up to a learning experience! :)

  4. I know that you will get it in... life happens and often will throw you a curve..the trick is to not let that curve totally take you off your path.. You will be back at it tomorrow.. REst, eat and Run my darlin buddy!!

  5. Hey, new to your blog! Find the same problem for myself with the is my culprit! So hard to pass up on Friday nights but a must if I am going to do anything physical on Saturday! Look forward to reading!