Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

I know I say this every week - but how is it Thursday??

1.  I ran yesterday.  Close to two miles.  Could breathe!  Felt good!  Except for horrible tightness/pain at the bottom of both shins into the top of my feet.  Owie.  I think it's just tightness from not being used for 4 days, but, uhm.  :(

2.  I'm housesitting this weekend, which means NEW RUNNING ROUTES!  Yay!  It's in my hometown, which means I know the area well.  I'm still deciding how far I can go, since I've taken most of this week off.  Jill, want to come to the North End? 

3.  Please nail down any food near you if you don't want me to eat it.  I've turned into a food vacuum the last two days.  I know it's because I have been eating super processed food + lots of sugar (and I even had a diet coke!!!) but I just. can't. stop.  Tonight is the end (Costco hot dogs at home!!!!).  Tomorrow is back to clean + no soda + little sugar.

So, on the plan tonight: eating.  Tomorrow, in the sun, at work: 3 miles.  Saturday? ?  Sunday ?? I was ahead of my official Tall Mom Mel plan last week, so even with missing this week, I'm on track.  Hrm. 

I'll leave you with this, to prove that I am indeed off the rails:  Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with an Oreo.  Don't judge.  I am drooling.


  1. OMG. Keep that cookies away from me. I will eat it. I, too, have been eating everything in sight. Especially the bag of baked potato flavor chips Mr. T insisted we get at Costco. Aaaaaaaaaa!

  2. It's the turducken of cookies!

  3. Ohmygod...those cookies? I WANT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

  4. I once saw chocolate chip cookies stuffed with BROWNIES... Kid you not.
    Non-running days are the WORST when it comes to bad eating for me too. I want sugar sugar sugar!