Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend recap!

What an amazing Boston day!  This is my first year being fully involved in the Boston leadup & day-of-madness, and it's SO FUN.  I totally want to go spectate next year & run in the 5k. 

As you might remember, I spent most of last week recovering after a nasty cold.  I also realized I was having allergies at the same time...but you can't take cold meds with allergy I was basically trashed all week.

Wednesday's run was ok, except for VERY tight shins & ankles.  Youch.  (More on this later).

Friday I headed out in the sunshine for 3 quick miles.  Ended up with 3.2 at 11:33 pace - not bad considering the hills baked into my route. 

Saturday I headed to my hometown to housesit for my parents.  Jill joined me - even after a full day of T-Ball with her boys!  I LOVE HER!  I planned out a route that would take us through the part of Tacoma that I grew up in, and then out & across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Yeah, it's kinda big.
We set out at a brisk clip, chatting and laughing and enjoying the SUNSHINE!  We made it down across the bridge and stretched briefly.  Jill was such a great buddy to learn from - nutrition, clothes, race strategy...she answered ALL of my questions and then some!  We decided to try and run up the steep hill that leads from the base of the bridge to the overpass .  Yowza.  I did okay - made it to our goal point - but was preeeeetty winded.  From there, it was another gradual/steep hill climb through the War Memorial Park...and my legs just weren't there.  In particular, my left quad, directly above my knee, was TIGHT.  It felt like my shins did earlier in the week.  Annoying!

What goes up...

We hobbled on, running when I could.  My muscle didn't necessarily was just...well.....there.  Annoying.  Got back to the house just when the clouds & chilly wind were starting to blow in.  8.17 miles.

The first thing I do after long runs?  Take my shoes off, of course.  

 Why yes, we do rock the hiz-ouse.
Now, I'm not going to lie.  Last week was ROUGH for me, mentally and physically.  I've decided a few things...nutrition, weight loss, running goals...more to come this week as I put my thoughts down as words.


  1. Look at that elevation! WoW MoM!

  2. hahaha WoW MoM. I feel the same way about 3 miles... just could never get there. Until I conquered! : )

  3. I immediately take my shoes off after a long run, too. My feet want to be FREE.