Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Out of the loop!

I'm baaaaaaaaaack.

After a frantic workweek, an out-of-town wedding, a whirl-wind week in NYC and a few quiet, unplugged days at home...I'm finally back in front of a computer in a semi-normal state.

Exciting, I know.

Let's do a 3 part update.

1.  I'm celebrating National Running Day by...buying a bike!  YAY!  Likely this Cannondale - the Synapse 5.  I'll be using it to keep cardio up while I'm injured & will replace runs with it during my next training cycle, as well as use it to commute to work!:

2.  Why am I buying a bike?  WELL, MRI results came back, and I have a strained/sore/bruised quadratus femoris muscle.  This, apparently, is the muscle that helps to stabilize your hip while walking/running/doing anything, which is why it hurts so bad when I run and walk and bend funny.  The only thing we can do is rest the muscle.  Which means I can't run or walk or do anything that makes it sore.  Hence the bike.

3.  I gained a new 'brother' this weekend - my parents adopted an ex-racing greyhound!  My mom has been dreaming of helping with greyhound rescue since the 1980's, finally started volunteering, and fell in love.  His new name is Doc Hudson (after the old, former-racer in Cars), and he is a dream of a dog.

Dori just walks under him...


  1. I love that your mom is doing this! When i volunteered at the NE humane Society, I found greyhounds to be the most tranquil doggies. Absolute sweet hearts!!!

    I hope you heal C!

  2. My husband's family used to have an ex-racing greyhound and he still talks about how fantabulous and amazing they are. Have fun! Also, enjoy the bike and hopefully the hip is better soon!

  3. Yay for the bike! I have a love-hate relationship with mine but dream if being able to commute with it like Alma does. Lol! Now I can be jealous of you too! And what a beautiful dog! Love the name!

  4. Yay for adopting doggies! Boo for injuries.