Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I swear I didn't mean to go another week without blogging.  I didn't.  I just.  Well.  I've been busy!

I took last Friday off work to go watch Mike (BF) and my stepdad take a Car Control Class with BMW northwest.  They both have wanted to take the class (it's required to enter the high performance classes), so my stepdad surprised Mike with it for an early birthday present.  I took pictures, watched the high performance cars do track laps, and kept the guys company while they waited their turn in line for each task. 

Now, the raceway where this all was taking place happened to be near Kerrie's house and I knew she had Fridays off.  I had a surprise for her, and texted her the night before asking if I could come see her, Karsen, and the dogs!  Long story short, we decided to go for a bike ride together on the Cedar River Trail - site of my first seven-miler!

So, here's something about myself - I like to give gifts.  Little cards, homemade things, items I find in a store that just SCREAM 'helloooo, this is perfect for this friend!'.  I'm lucky enough to have a budget that allows for these little purchases.  Kerrie's helped me SO MUCH during the last year - from the first Summer of Weight Loss to getting me through You Go Girl (even though she choked me in the beginning, ahem.), the loss of my dad and more recently with getting me through my long runs & the hip disaster.  So when I found the jacket of mine she loved, in pink, and on clearance, it was a sign.

After handing over the present (complete with some cat-chewed curly ribbon, thanks Lucy), we threw my bike into her van and headed down to the trail.  I kept forgetting she was hauling a trailer + kid and hauled ass down the trail.  Sorry Kerrie. :(  Oh well, good workout!

I got home a bit after 6pm and crashed for the night.

Saturday, I woke up and headed out for a few errands.  I got home, and sighed at the pile of shoes that always sit right inside our front door. 

One thing led to another - and before I knew it I had cleaned out my shoe collection, organized our shoe tree, swept the landing, and moved on to the garage.

Oh, the garage.

This is before.  Around noon or so.

Four hours and one trip to Goodwill later...we had a clean, organized garage.  I still need to work on how I am going to balance my computer on the boxes in front of the treadmill...but, YAY.


  1. Um. You saw my garage. Would you like another project? LOL. It was such a lovely surprise. And T Junior LOVED talking your ear off. Thanks friend.

  2. Woah, can I pay you to come unpack my garage? I hate unpacking and cleaning.

    You and your friend look great in your matching jackets!