Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Anyone else watch Real Housewives of OC?  I loooooove that show, and I love Vicki.  Woohoo!  I can't help it, I love those plasticy, blonde-haired women.  Well, some of them.

(I also admit to watching NYC and BH.  Not NJ though, those women be crazy)

ANYWAYS.  I've decided to quit feeling sorry for myself (read: eating crap), and am back on calorie counting/clean eating bandwagon.  I'm much more active during the day now, because the new building is so far walking-friendly, plus I have to take JJ out on walks too.  This has led my avg calorie burn/day without exercising up.  YAY!  This means I can eat more calories.  YAY!

I had a craving for something lime-y and delicious yesterday, and found this recipe online for a ginger/cilantro/lime shrimp.  DELICIOUS.  I marinated the shrimp for 25 mins or so, skewered them, then threw them on the BBQ for about 2 min/side.  Threw the shrimp over some lettuce, tossed on some feta cheese & lime juice, and DINNER!  I also cooked up a random quinoa/vegatable mix I found in the freezer from Trader Joe's.  All in all it was about 400 calories.  NOM. 

My food for the day - ignore the total calorie guide - I need to reset that.


  1. I really need to try clean eating. Any advice on how to pack a good lunch and cut back on processed food?

  2. That sounds scrumptious. I've been craving shrimp lately, will have to try that one.