Thursday, June 16, 2011

Smart Running

Things that are smart:  Running after work

Things that aren't smart: Running after hosting a G&T tasting hour after work

Things that worked out relatively well, considering:  Running after 3 G&T's

OK, it was 3 G&T's over a few hours.  Nothing big.  I jumped on the treadmill last night to *AHEM* run (!!!!!).  Was a bit giggly, but what's new.

Anyways.  Cranked out a full 5k, pain free.  Iced my hip immediately after (this is me after my shower, in my fake Target tempo shorts).  SEXY, right?

So, if you think you can't run because you went to happy hour after work, guess what?  YOU CAN.  :P

PS winners of taste test?
Hanson's Tonic w/ Tanqueray
Hanson's Tonic w/ Bombay
Tree Frog Tonic w/ Hendricks (and 4 cucumber wedges)


  1. I love every UW outfit you wear. Even with a towel turban. GO DAWGS!

  2. I bet happy hour would make my runs less painful. Although, I secretly hate G&T. Probably because I've only had the cheap stuff, so next time I go out, I'm ordering one of your suggestions.