Monday, June 20, 2011

Be my guest be my guest put my service to the test

I'm a 'lonely' runner.  Most of my runs are solo, and I don't mind it.  I like running alone, it's my quiet time.  I sometimes wish I had friends closer that I could run more regularly with...but it's not that big of a deal.

The one good thing is that when someone *does* come to join me in my 'hood, it's SO EXCITING. 

Kerrie came up to run my 'hood on Saturday morning, then we set off to drive the Rock n Roll Course - the course for her first full marathon this weekend!

I woke up to steady rain Saturday morning, and checked my phone to make sure Kerrie was still inbound.  No notice of cancelling, so I threw on my regular clothes and set about making toast, coffee, and trying to wake up.  Once Kerrie found my house and we got out onto the road, the rain lightened to a nice mist.  It was rather enjoyable - not too chilly, and the rain kept the streets mostly empty.  We ran past all of my favorite places - Sbux, the Tractor Tavern, where I saw Gaelic Storm, Hattie's Hat, which has the best fries, Old Towne, which has the best eggplant sandwiches...well, you see how it went.

We walked a bit more than I usually do - well, did - because while my legs are still relatively strong, my lungs have apparently jumped out of my chest and have gone on vacation.  I was gasping for breath.  Fleh.

We continued on & up out of 'downtown' Ballard and went down to the Locks.  You know, my favorite place in the world.   Even though it was dark and cloudy and misty, the grounds are still gorgeous & the views impressive.  After a few pictures, we ran across to Magnolia and to the 'End of the World' - a neighborhood situated on the peninsula.  The normally AMAZING view was nearly entirely blocked with cloud cover.  Oh well! 

I felt like I had a bit left in me at the end of my 3 mile run Wednesday, and figured I would make it to 4 miles on Saturday relatively easily, 5 would be pushing it, and 6 would be if everything lined up and I didn't drink the night before and ate a healthy dinner.  Sure enough, at 4.5 miles, my body was like HELLO. WE ARE DONE NOW.

After drying off (and trying GoTein!) (and meeting JJ!), we set off to find the mythical start that 30k people will be toeing up at in a week.  We drove almost the entire course, only made one u-turn, and solidified my viewing plans.

So, yeah.  SIX days until the big Seattle running day.  I cannot wait!


  1. I've been singing that song since I saw you post title a few hours ago. Love Beauty and the Beast!

  2. Thank you, thank you so much! I had such a great time. Will need to come run again in sunshine! :)

  3. How come I never get invited?? Looks like so much fun.. So glad you are back at it.. so where do we pick up?

  4. @Mel - your social calendar is quite full! :D You're welcome any time, just let me know when! You know me...I'll run any time of day/night.

  5. I read about you on Kerrie's blog. I'm very sorry you won't be able to run the race, but know that your cowbell skills are appreciated! I will be the crazy lady in a radioactive pink tank and camo skirt, waving at you.

  6. It was so fun meeting you today Chelsea! I so appreciated the ride; you easily saved my legs a few walking miles and i want to keep them resting til tomorrow ;)

    I'll be looking and listening for you and your cowbell tomorrow!