Tuesday, June 21, 2011

20 Bike Miles for my dad

Today?  Today has been one of those days.  Firedrill after firedrill, phone ringing off the hook.  Barely even had time to eat.  I wanted to write this post though, so I actually blocked out time to do it. 

Sunday was my first Father's Day without my dad.  I haven't talked much about the loss of my dad last fall on here - hell, I've barely talked about it anywhere or with anyone.  That's how I like it though, a private thing that I'm dealing with.

I knew I would be super fidgety and ancy and, well, bitchy on Sunday if I just sat around.  I knew I had to visit my mom & stepdad around dinner, and would be spending the afternoon with Mike's family, so I decided to take off on a long bike ride Sunday morning.  Me, the bike, my tunes, and hopefully my dad.

Around 8:30 I finally got out the door of my inlaw's house and hit up the Foothills Trail - you know, the one Mel & Zoe always burn up with their fast feet.  The trail was relatively empty, and traffic was light.  Perfect.  This was what I needed.

I won't go into the ways I know my dad was with me on Sunday, but he was there.  I felt it.  I felt myself flying down the downhills and cranking up the uphills, knowing he was there.  I saw a baby deer, who 'gazelled' out of the path the way JJ does when he's excited.  I saw little bunnies and a racoon and some GORGEOUS views of the river & mountain. (I tried to take pics, but my cell phone camera was all fogged up from my bodyheat.  YAY exercise!)

I made it back to the house in 90 mins, having covered 20 miles.  The rest of the family was just getting up, but I was done with my exercise for the day, had cleared my head, and was ready for a tough day.

It's been a long 8 months.  But knowing that I have an outlet ... well, that helps.  I'll be running in the morning on his birthday.  That I am sure of.


  1. Great post, Chels. Big hugs. :)

  2. Yep. It is so great to have an outlet. I am so glad you are able to get out there and burn it up and put things in perspective and connect with your thoughts and your dad. Sweat and high heart rates are seriously therapeutic. You're amazing!!!! =)